Window Replacement: 4 Warning Signs

Windows play a vital role in the overall efficiency of your home, which is why it’s important to be able to determine if they need to be replaced. To help you determine the effectiveness of your windows we’ve got these 4 warning signs:
Foggy Windows
If you have a double paned window one of the best tell tale signs that you need a window replacement is if condensation appears between the panes. This means that the seal has failed and air and moisture are coming in, causing the foggy appearance.

Drafty Windows
If your windows have any draft it probably means they need to be replaced. To determine if your windows have gaps and cracks simply place your hand in front of the edges of the window inside, if you feel cool air coming in during the winter or hot air coming in during the summer, your windows are pretty inefficient and should be replaced or resealed. Do the same test on the exterior of your home to see if you can either feel cool air escaping during the summer or warm air escaping during the winter months.

A High Energy Bill
Take a look at your energy bill and determine if it’s abnormally higher than usual. If you see a hike in costs it may be caused by the inefficiency of your windows. Consider replacing your old windows not just with new ones, but with energy efficient windows. While the upfront cost is more, you’ll likely save more in the long run.

Sticky Windows
If your windows become difficult to open it means that there are issues with the balance of your window, meaning the mechanism that holds your window open is faulty and could give out. Once the balance fails the window will no longer be able to stay open on its own, and that’s neither convenient or safe.

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How To Waterproof Your Basement Before A Remodel

Before remodeling your basement one of the most important steps is to waterproof the area. A basement is underground, which means that it sits closer to the water level, increasing the risk of moisture damage. To avoid costly water damage a basement must be waterproofed by a professional to ensure that you avoid issues like mold, flooding or foundation damage.

The basement waterproofing process must be completed before your basement remodel for several reasons. First of all, you don’t want to spend all that time and money on improving this space, only to have it damaged by a lack of protection. Certain features that are added to a basement without waterproofing can even increase the chances of damage occurring. Water can seep in around window frames or places where utilities like gas and water have been installed.

There are a few different basement waterproofing methods that have proven to be effective. The first is sealing up any cracks in the foundation from the inside of the house by injecting the cracks with a waterproof sealant. Waterproof paint is also a common method to use on the interior of your basement. To waterproof your basement from the exterior, excavation is required to expose the walls of your foundation so a waterproof coating can be applied. Another option includes interior and exterior drainage system like a sump pump.

With so many options available the best way to protect your basement from water damage is to give the professionals a call. At G&K Construction, we have remodeled and waterproofed many basements and understand the best practices and procedures to ensure a dry and comfortable new living space. We can also design and install a basement with materials that are water resistant so that you’re not dealing with water problems down the road. To get started give us a call or click here for a quote.

How To Prepare For A Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel, whether a small update or complete overhaul, is a big home improvement project. You want to make sure you take the right actions to set the project in motion and avoid potential problems down the road. At G&K Construction, LLC we know just how to guide you through a kitchen remodel, but there are certain steps that you’ll need to complete before we can start building your dream kitchen.

Step 1: Determine Your Budget
The first question you want to ask yourself is: What is my budget? If you’re doing a complete kitchen overhaul, meaning if you’re doing away with cabinets, flooring and in some cases a few walls, it’s best to have an emergency fund that is worked into your budget to account for hidden problems.

Once you’ve figured out how much money you want to spend on your kitchen renovation, it’s time to determine what you can do with that budget.

Step 2: Come Up With A Plan
Depending on the size of your budget you may or may not be able to complete everything on your kitchen renovation checklist. If you can’t do it all, you’ll need to decide what your highest priorities are and which parts of the remodel are lower on the list.

You may be mainly concerned with cabinets, but less concerned with countertops or you may have perfectly nice cabinets that could simply be painted or refinished, but really need new countertops, making you more willing to devote a larger part of your budget to that area. Knowing these priorities right away will guide the whole process, ensuring your money goes where it really needs to go, rather than wasting money on costly alterations you don’t really need and therefore keeping your kitchen remodeling costs at a minimum.

Step 3: Establish Solid Design Ideas
After you’ve decided which pieces of your kitchen are going to be renovated, it’s time to for the fun part–the design. While there are so many beautiful and inspirational kitchens out there, it’s important to have one clear vision of what you want, instead of a muddied combination of kitchen trends that you like.

Also, keep in mind the design aesthetics of the rest of your home. You want your kitchen to complement the rest of your home, not look out of place. This is especially important if you want to sell your home at any point in the future. Consistent design is crucial in the overall look and feel of a home.

Step 4: Call In The Builders
After you have a budget, plan and design set in place, it’s time to call in the builders. Even if you’re hung up on the design of your kitchen, we can help. If you still have questions, we’re also happy answer them. We want to make this process as easy as possible for you! If you’re ready to get started or want to contact us, give us a call at 402-541-6992 or click here for a free quote!

Home Decks: Wood vs. Composite

If you’re like countless other homeowners, you might be considering a deck installation. Decks can greatly increase the value of your property, as well as provide a comfortable space for entertaining outdoors. While you’re still in the planning stages, you’ll need to consider several factors, such as your budget, available space and the type of deck material you want to use. You’ll usually choose between wood decking and composite decking.

What Are the Differences Between These Two Materials?
The differences between wood and composite decking are quite simple. Wood decking consists of 100 percent solid wood planks, posts or boards. Composite, on the other hand, is a fabricated material made from synthetic elements such as plastic, and usually combined with wood particles.

As with most choices, there are benefits and disadvantages to both types of deck material, which we’ll cover here.

Wood decking – Depending on the type of wood you choose for your deck installation, the boards might warp in moist conditions or even fall apart. Wood decks generally require more maintenance, which some homeowners find too time-consuming.

Composite decking – Composite decks also might warp if you’ve invested in a cheaper type. Hollow boards can hold water inside them and eventually break down. The color may fade over time, and they don’t tend to last as long as high-quality wood decks.

Wood decking – There are a variety of good wood types that can be suited for your particular environment. For example, cedar smells wonderful and can be ideal in drier climates. Redwood is durable and does better in more humid conditions. The upkeep might be less than many people would assume. Properly maintained decks made of quality wood can last for years.

Composite decking – High-quality composite boards are durable and look amazingly like real wood. Many types are UV-treated and scratch-resistant, and upkeep is minimal. Many people prefer the cost of a composite deck over wood, because over time the reduced treatments and upkeep pay for themselves.

Making a Choice
The type of deck material you choose in your deck installation will mostly depend on your personal preferences. Your lifestyle, climate and the time you have to provide upkeep can greatly influence your decision. If you need help making a decision give us a call at G&K Construction. For a free quote, click here!

Small Bathroom Remodel: Tips & Tricks

While small bathrooms are limited in physical space, they’re not short on potential. By utilizing creative designs, the right fixtures and finishes you can transform your small bathroom into a modern space that feels and looks bigger. Before you get started however, here’s what you need to keep in mind:

Creating A Functional Bathroom Remodel

Functional design in a small bathroom remodel is also critical. When working with a limited area, you’ll need to consider how to maximize storage. Consider recessed shelving and built-in storage that makes use of the dead space within existing walls. Opt for open shelving that offers easy access without closing in the space. Also, look for smaller toilets and pedestal sinks that can make the room appear more spacious.

Adding Bathroom Space

Obviously space constraints play a large part in any small bathroom design. Before you set off on a bathroom renovation, take stock of the space and layout you have to work with. Selecting sinks, cabinets, and toilets for a small room can be difficult because everything looks smaller in a giant store room. To avoid any mismatches, large pieces should be measured to make sure they’ll fit in your space before they’re purchased.

Designing Your Bathroom

Finally, consider impact when you tackle your bathroom remodel. Just because the space is small doesn’t mean it should be boring. For a small bathroom remodel, it’s all in the details. Choosing a the right paint color can make a big impact in the tiny space.

Small bathroom design can create a room that is just as beautiful as a large one. By weighing the available space, creating a functional design, and considering the impact of your design choices, your bathroom renovation could become the envy of all of your friends.

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The Pros Of A Residential Fence

When designing your residential landscape one of the ways you can quickly boost your curb appeal and enhance home safety are with a residential fence. Fences are a great addition that helps to turn a house into a home, not to mention the added benefits of safety and security when it comes to children and pets.

A fence is also a natural boundary line between properties. It can be used to cover up potential eyesores in the backyard. Fences that are aesthetically pleasing also increase a property’s value. Even if fencing isn’t required for security purposes, the increase in resale value is definitely worth considering.

There are varieties of fencing materials to choose from when it comes time to build a residential or security fence. The traditional option is, of course, wood fencing. When considering the white picket fence, wood is what comes to mind. Wood lasts a long time if the right type is chosen and is one of the more affordable choices. If there is a desire to have something a bit more unique, bamboo fencing is a great environmental pick and comes in a few different styles.

Wood isn’t the only attractive option; vinyl, wrought iron and even PVC fences may be better at completing a desired look and feel. Vinyl fences test strong, have more flexibility than wood and are essentially maintenance free. Wrought iron has a beautiful look to it and can be custom made but do require regular maintenance. PVC fencing is the way to go when it comes to cost but are not as sturdy as wood or iron.

When it comes time to install a residential fence, it doesn’t hurt to consult a fencing specialist to help make a decision on style and desired materials. A residential or security fence is a great addition to any property.

For more information and recommendations call us at G&K Construction in Omaha, NE, or click here for a free quote. We can help to transform your house into a home with a beautiful residential fence.

What to Know About Your Retaining Wall

Having a retaining wall on your property serves a very important purpose. To protect the structural integrity of your home, you need to keep soil held back in the right ways and a retaining wall is the perfect solution. While this addition to your home is practical, there are plenty of interesting ways to take advantage of the opportunity. Here are a few bits of information that you should know about your wall in order to make the most of it.

First, rethink what a retaining wall actually is. It may be a wall of stones, but it does not have to be ugly. In fact, there are many exciting design options that you can explore when you are working with your wall. The type and size of brick or stone that you use can have an impact on how the finished product looks. You can also choose to incorporate plants or other outdoor elements into the wall to help it to blend in with your current aesthetic.

Before you put up the wall, you are going to want to think about the ground itself. The land must have an evenness to it, which can be easily achieved if you put in a little bit of prep work. You’ll want to dig into the ground a few inches before you start evening out the soil. This will help to provide the support your wall will need.

Make sure that you take time with each step of the process. When you are putting down bricks or stones, check to see if each one is level before adding more on top. Uneven bricks can cause your wall to fall apart, which is both frustrating and a hazard to those nearby when it gives. Think ahead and go slow and you will wind up with a retaining wall that looks great and serves a purpose.

A poorly installed retaining wall will not be effective in protecting your home from soil erosion or water damage, so make sure to call in the help of a professional to complete the job. At G&K Construction, we’re more than happy to help you along the way. Call us today or click here for a quote.

The Value Of A Bathroom Addition

If you are like most homeowners, you weigh every decision you make by considering the return on investment it could provide for your home. Some investments are better than others, but when it comes to additions, few provide the value that a bathroom addition can. Buyers who invest in a bathroom remodel, in fact, are reported to rate their satisfaction as a 10. If you are trying to decide whether it is right for you, however, these are a few of the factors to keep in mind.

Consider Your Market

You might be planning a bathroom addition for your home, but before you do so, you should carefully consider the market your home is in. If you are planning it as an investment in your equity, it will likely only be worthwhile if your home is in a market where such a feature will be valued. In an area attractive to families, for example, you may see a great return, but in areas with lower home prices, it may not provide the boost you are looking for.

Develop a Bathroom Addition Strategy

It can be a big mistake to invest in a bathroom remodel or addition without first considering how the project will be best executed. If you are looking to make the renovations in preparation for selling, it is generally advisable to add bathrooms to match the number of bedrooms in your home. Remodeling or adding to include both a tub and a shower is also appealing to many buyers.

Making additions or renovations to the bathrooms in your home is a big decision. While it has the potential to provide fantastic returns for your investment, it should be carefully considered first. The best way to plan renovations that maximize your home value is to consult with a licensed contractor. Doing so will help you understand the process, know what to prepare for and achieve the most value from the project.

At G&K Construction in Omaha, NE, we can help you decide if a bathroom addition is right for your home. To get started on the remodel process, click here for a free quote.

Door Frame Replacement Options

The outside of your house is usually the first thing anyone sees when they come to your home. In order to make a great first impression, it is often important to have a beautiful exterior. Door frames can be a terrific way to add to the attractiveness of your home.

The material is usually one of the main things you would focus on when choosing the right frame for your house. A popular type of material is wood. Depending on the type of trees the wood comes from, the frames can come in various colors from white to brown to reds. Wood can also be painted if it naturally does not come in the color you want.

Another type of material you can use for your new door frame is vinyl. This is a synthetic material, which can be especially useful for the exterior due to its resistance to humidity and moisture. It is also extremely durable and, thus, has a long lifespan. Vinyl is also recyclable, which may be an added bonus for the environmentally conscious homeowner.

You can also use aluminum for your door frames. This is a natural chemical element that is often used in a wide variety of products from cans to golf clubs to airplanes. Because of its malleability, aluminum can be an excellent material if you desire frames that are larger or shaped differently from the usual rectangle. It also can be very strong, so you usually wouldn’t need to have a clunky door frame for a large opening.

Once you’ve chosen the material, you can choose the style of the frame. One style is the basic rectangle, which holds one door. However, you can also have double doors or frames which hold openings for windows on the side of the door.
Regardless of door style you decide will complement your house the best or the material that will fit your lifestyle, finding the right door frames can make your house even more beautiful. For even more appeal, you may consider getting the window frames in the same style and material as the door.

For more information on replacing door and window frames at your home, contact G&K Construction in Omaha, Nebraska. Our team can help you find the perfect frame to match your home and budget. Click here for a free quote.

Plan For These Bathroom Remodel Realities

Even though bathrooms are relatively small spaces, there’s still plenty of room for things to go wrong when it comes to remodeling. From plumbing, electrical, tiling and more there’s a lot going on in the powder room, which means there can be a lot of surprises when you go to renovate. That’s why before any work begins you should be prepared.

To start, uncovering subflooring that has been compromised by rot or termites is certainly disconcerting, and it is an all too common occurrence during remodeling. A discovery like this will entail structural repairs before the remodel can continue. Many remodelers recommend allotting ten to twenty percent of your budget to unexpected repairs such as these.

Some proactive planning can go far to be prepared if the unexpected happens. You definitely will want to check if your sink and toilet have shut off valves. If they do not, the water to the whole house will need to be shut off for the duration of the bathroom remodel, and that is usually unrealistic. You will need a plumber to install shut off valves so that others can get water while you replace the bathroom sink.

You will want to ascertain if you have lead or asbestos in materials that you are removing. If you do, it is recommended to have a lead or asbestos removal professional safely remove them before proceeding with the remodel.

Got ground wire? When you open up the wall and see the electrical for the first time, you will want to make sure that you have ground wires at every electrical outlet. This protects you against serious electric shock. In many areas, ground fault circuit interrupters are also required by code. Have an electrician already in mind to make these updates if needed.

Once your bathroom remodel is finished you will reap the rewards of all the time and money it took to get the job done right. You will have an updated functional space that will add livability and value to your home.

To get started on your bathroom remodel, contact us at G&K Construction in Omaha, NE. We can design and install beautiful bathroom that fits your space and needs. Contact us or click here for a free quote.